IT Consulting

Exceeding organization goals requires constant collaboration with stakeholders. An inability to effectively collaborate among stakeholders – employees, families, customers, suppliers, and outside influencers, will grind your organization to a halt.

PlexHosted Simplify the Acquisition and Deployment of Microsoft Office 365

Numerous Office 365 solutions meet the varied needs of many organizations. The effective deployment of an Office 365 solution within a specific organization starts with aligning the organization’s goals with the capabilities of a specific set Office 365 solutions. Consulting from PlexHosted delivered by Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), partners with an organization to purchase then maintain the optimal Office 365 solution set to exceed its goals.

PlexHosted’s MCPs provide one Point of Contact for Administrators

  • 24/7/365 availability of MCPs
  • Talk to MCPs when you need them
  • Plan Office 365 deployment
  • Insure an effective data migration plan
  • A well planned deployment assures trouble free use

You Work with Professionals

  • Connect with the right MCP
  • Roll out solution in a timely manner
  • Implement data migration plan
  • Introduce to users
  • Assure the initial deployment is trouble free for users

Long Term Success Depends upon an Office 365 Deployment that Exceeds Goals

  • Continuously interact with MCPs
  • Make timely adds, moves, and changes when necessary
  • Learn valuable information about how to best use the Office 365 solution
  • Ensure the long-term Office 365 deployment continues to exceed goals Resolve issues as they arise


24/7/365 Availability

MCPs are always available to plan the many requirements of your deployment.

Connect with the right MCP

Successfully rolling out solutions in a timely manner promotes initial satisfaction within the organization.

Continuously interact with MCPs

Maintaining a relationship with the MCPs promotes long term solution satisfaction so that the organization exceeds its goals.

We are quicker and closer to you than you may think.

Available 24/7/365, we are much more than a service company. At PlexHosted we provide solutions along with service and including our expertise.