Configure your SharePoint 2013 Foundation Site Collection*
Public Sites**: 
Storage/Computing Price: 
- 0 GB
Total Monthly Price: 
* All Multi-Tenant (Shared) SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition hosting plans include all SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition features which are accessible on a Site Collection level only and do not require Central Administration or server Administrative access.
** All Multi-Tenant (Shared) SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition hosting plans allow you to create public sites for external users who are not required to log in.
*** Only SharePoint Apps and SandBox web parts are supported with Multi-Tenant (Shared) service. Web parts deployed at the farm level require dedicated SharePoint hosting service.
***** The SharePoint pricing provided is promotional pricing for new customers only and may not reflect previous SharePoint pricing.

SharePoint Foundation 2013

SharePoint Foundation © 2013 provides a Web-based collaboration platform that’s more secure and easy to manage. With SharePoint Foundation, your people can quickly access the documents and information they need to make good decisions and get work done.

Collaborate Easily and Effectively

SharePoint Foundation 2013 helps people work together in ways that are most effective for them. With collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, and document libraries, anyone can customize a Web site to address a specific business need.

Deploy an Easy-to-Maintain Infrastructure

SharePoint Foundation 2013 saves you time. A full set of administrative tools makes it easy to monitor and manage server performance and health. Plus, the platform’s scalability means that you can quickly deploy business solutions as your company changes and grows.

Build and Manage Web Applications

SharePoint Foundation 2013 provides an extensible platform for developing custom business solutions. Create Web applications and workflow scenarios to improve business processes. Build specific sites to help people work together and get results. What’s more, maintain control over these solutions with centralized management tools.
Lists and libraries can contain millions of items. Use resource throttling to control the impact of large lists on server performance and to teach people how to manage lists efficiently.