PlexHosted Network Overview

The network architecture seamlessly integrates three distinct and redundant network components – Public, Private, and Data Center to Data Center – into a network topology with maximum accessibility, security, and control. This network design gives system administrators unfettered access for total management over software administration in a shared hosting environment and at the server level in a dedicated hosting environment, thereby eliminating exposure to external threats. The network is built from best-in-class networking infrastructure, hardware, and software with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest throughput and reliability.

Our Datacenter

Key Advantages

Robust, Fully-Networked Data Centers

All data centers are built with a unique pod data center design concept. Each is functionally independent with distinct and redundant resources, and fully integrated through the network architecture, allowing seamless intra-data center capabilities.

10 Network Points of Presence (PoPs)

The data centers are complemented by PoPs in seven additional U.S. cities, providing direct or shorter connections for lower latency and creating a superior end user experience.

Secure, Out-of-Band Private Network

This proprietary network topology provides VPN server access via dedicated, non-public carriers, keeping “backend” server access completely off limits to external traffic and allowing secure transfer of sensitive data. The Private Network provides unlimited bandwidth, allowing data transfer and management with no impact to public bandwidth.

Best-in-Class Infrastructure

Industry-standard hardware and software solutions from the industry’s top network and security technology vendors are leveraged to provide exceptional performance, reliability, protection, and scalability.

High-Speed, Redundant Connectivity

The network provides maximum performance throughout its architecture. Each server rack features 40G of connectivity and dedicated 10G fiber connections between geographically diverse data centers provides high-speed throughput with low latency.

Hardware Firewalls

As an additional cost option for dedicated plans, hardware firewall solutions can be provisioned for additional and immediately scalable application security.

Global Load Balancing

As an additional cost option for dedicated plans, an enterprise-class load balancing solution that utilizes industry-standard techniques is available to balance traffic among applications running on two or more servers, even between geographically diverse data centers.

Network Structure

The network topology integrates three distinct architectures:

Public Network

Handles public traffic to online resources. The public part of the network features multi-homed connectivity with bandwidth from independent carriers, combining more than 20 x 10 Gbps connections to create one of the industry’s fastest networks. Carriers include:

  • AboveNet™
  • Global Crossing®
  • Internap®
  • Level 3®
  • NTT America
  • Qwest®
  • TeliaSonera
  • Any2 LAX (peering)
  • Comcast® (peering)
  • Equinix IX (peering)
  • NOTAIX (peering)
  • NYIIX (peering)
  • RMIX (peering)
  • SIX (peering)
  • Telefónica (peering)
  • TIE (peering)
  • Time Warner (peering)

Technology and Tools

  • Multiple Internet backbone connections
  • Cisco™ Systems 10G network
  • Cisco Guard DDOS protection
  • Arbor Peakflow® traffic analysis
  • Arbor ATLAS global traffic analyzer


  • Automated IP routing and management
  • Individual secure private VLAN per customer
  • Gigabit speed from server to Internet
  • Unlimited inbound bandwidth
  • Allows on-the-fly addition of servers to existing VLANs
  • Allows on-the-fly addition of services to existing servers
  • Supports dedicated, VDS, and grid technologies

Private Network

True out-of-band management through a distinct stand-alone third carrier over SSL, PPTP, or IPSEC VPN gateways.

  • XO Communications
  • Cogent Communications


  • Secure out-of-band management via VPN
  • Individual, secure private VLANs per customer
  • Unlimited bandwidth for uploads/downloads
  • Gigabit server-to-server speeds
  • Free server-to-server cross connects
  • Secure app-to-app cross connects

Direct access to tools and services including:

  • Private OS update, reload, and change servers
  • Geographically redundant DNS resolvers
  • Software repository
  • Centralized NAS/backup
  • McAfee® security update server

Data Center to Data Center Network

Provides free, secure connectivity between applications housed in separate facilities.


  • Dedicated 20Gbps fiber link
  • Automatic fail-over through alternate secure connection
  • Secure, high-speed data transmission between data centers
  • 10 network Points of Presence (PoPs) provide direct or non-direct network connections for exceptionally low latency