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PowerPivot for SharePoint allows users to share their PowerPivot workbooks in a secure and scalable environment. PlexHosted provides you with ready to go environment which gives companies true BI in a managed self-service environment.

  • View data from anywhere at any time without having Excel 2013 installed
  • Load massive amounts of data from virtually any source
  • Work with over a million rows of data in seconds
  • Automatic periodical data refresh - collaborate on the most recent data available to you
  • Integrate reusable data from different sources
  • Preview your workbooks using PowerPivot gallery controlled by Silverlight

Microsoft PowerPivot

Microsoft PowerPivot is an add-in to Microsoft Excel 2013. Taking advantage of familiar Excel functionality and features, users can create powerful data mashups based on xVelocity in-memory technologies allowing for an unmatched analytical performance to process billions of rows at the speed of thought. PowerPivot also facilitates sharing and collaboration through Microsoft SharePoint Server with integrated refresh scheduling and report previews.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the industry standard for gathering and analyzing data to help make better decisions daily. Microsoft Excel 2013 has many new and improved features for visualizing data, access to workbooks via mobile devices, plus new options for collaboration on the web. As part of the managed self-service BI solutions, IT can also maintain integrity, stability and control.

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Customized Dedicated environment. Your custom SharePoint farm servers deployed for your company only. Managed, monitored and supported by PlexHosted`s team.

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