Put our Team of Experts to Work for You

You can do everything required on a properly designed and maintained cloud service without need to hire additional personnel. Our team of experts is here to do it for you. We can design, migrate, maintain, administer, secure, support and monitor your cloud services.

Consulting, Planning and Design

Effective deployment of a Microsoft cloud solution within a specific organization starts with aligning the organization’s goals with the capabilities of a specific set of cloud solutions. Delivered by Microsoft Certified Professionals, partners with an organization to purchase then maintain the optimal Microsoft cloud solution set to exceed its goals.

Data and Applications Migration

Our expertise makes data and applications migration easy for your company, IT administrators and end-users. By managing and executing whole process from start to the end according to an agreed migration plan we guarantee a smooth transfer from one cloud or on-premises solution to another.

Cloud Management, Maintenance and Administration

Let our experts deal with daily cloud services management, maintenance and administration, keeping routine jobs away from your IT department. Main goal of our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals is to keep your cloud configured and maintained to perform as your business require.

Technical Support and Service Monitoring

Our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals, available 24/7/365 by phone, email or chat for your administrators and end-users is here to get their IT issues resolved fast. Our solution guarantees that reported incidents are processed in a predictable manner and within a specified time frame.

We are quicker and closer to you than you may think.

Available 24/7/365, we are much more than a service company. At PlexHosted we provide solutions along with service and including our expertise.