Cost Savings

SharePoint Cost Analysis: Hosted vs. On-Premises Deployed Solutions

Cut your costs by up to 60% with Hosted SharePoint 2010 from PlexHosted.On-premises IT costs continue to soar. The cost of SharePoint 2010 servers, data security and technical talent can be painful in times when expenses are running wild and budget cuts are common. Some IT teams spend as much as 51% of their day fixing & managing servers, monopolizing valuable resources needed to innovate.

At PlexHosted, we have found a better way to help you manage SharePoint

Hosting SharePoint 2010 saves you money.With our managed SharePoint hosting services, both shared and dedicated, you will never have to implement, update, troubleshoot, patch monitor, administer or worry about the IT side of SharePoint again. Any of our SharePoint 2010 hosting plans can help you get off the server spending treadmill and save you up to 60% compared to on-premises SharePoint deployments.

Download CIO Magazine’s – How to Determine the True Cost of Microsoft’s SharePoint – June 30, 2009

When you compare… there is no comparison

The overwhelming benefits of SharePoint 2010 Hosting vs. an On-Premises deployment of SharePoint 2010 PlexHosted SharePoint Hosting
Dedicated or Shared
SharePoint Deployment
Cost Predictable Cost Unexpected Expenses
We take care of hardware, repairs, replacements and upgrades to save you thousands Unpredictable lage capital outlaysand out-of pocket expenses put strains on your budget
Time Deployed in Hours Delayed for Months
Our rapid deployment ensures that your SharePoint solution will be up and running in a matter of hours Be prepared for a complex installation process and a time-consuming deployment process
Human Resources SharePoint Experts 27x7x365 Massive Hiring and Training Costs
Out SharePoint experts will free up your staff to concentrate on more pressing business issues Your in-house hires may not have the right experience for a successful SharePoint 2010 deployment
Ease Care-Free Maintenance Complicated Configurations
Our turnkey SharePoint 2010 infrastructure harnesses the latest technology, scales with ease and is completely reliable Continuously adding to the IT environment can become complicated, time consuming and confusing
Security Safe and Secure Heavy Costs and Security Burdens
Your data is housed in state-of-the-art, secure data centers. We stay on top of your security requirements so you`re free to take care of business Constant monitoring, daily backups, patching and updates quickly fill up work days. Without state-of the-art security, your data will be compromised
Value Managed Infrastructure Hardware Failures and Depreciation
We keep your IT infrastructure running at top performance by installing all the latest upgrades. Your data remains your data, safe under our care Your hardware will lose value over time. Running on an outdated SharePoint platform or server hardware means application efficiency and productivity will suffer