Hosted Lync 2010

Lync Hosting by PlexHosted

PlexHosted is pleased to offer Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010 in a hosted environment. Built for business professionals who are on-the-go, Lync connects people in new ways by providing instant communication, status information on co-workers, and integration with Outlook. Specifically it offers instant messaging and presence, voice and video conferencing, and mobile applications.

Coupled with PlexHosted’s excellent support in a controlled hosted environment, customers can now enjoy the benefits of Lync at a fraction of the cost and support required for on premises deployments.

Instant Messaging and Presence

Lync gives users real-time presence information and enhanced instant messaging (IM) to help them connect more efficiently and effectively.

Get instant information with more meaningful contact cards.

Users can gain greater context with data such as published phone numbers, organizational structure, and office information through a streamlined contact card experience.

Stay connected with presence information.

Presence displays user location and photo while giving users control through enhanced privacy settings. Presence status can be set by a user or automatically based on calendar, login status, and more. Users can individualize access levels for different contacts to share information with them.

Connect instantly with IM.

Users can start an IM session with a colleague for quick responses to questions. As more engagement is needed on a subject, invite multiple parties to join in on the same conversation. Also, get reconnected to the topic by rejoining existing conversations.

Connect with people outside the organization.

Server-to-server federation capabilities within the PlexHosted Lync hosting environment allow users to utilize presence and IM with Lync networks outside the organization’s Lync network.

Keep one contact list.

Contacts are now unified across Lync 2010 and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Instant Messaging and Presence in Lync 2010

Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing

Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 makes it easy for users to create, moderate, and join ad hoc collaboration sessions and online meetings with internal and external users. A rich user experience and a unified interface make it easy for people to work together effectively and often even when time or distance prevents in-person meetings.

Richer experience.

Conferencing is no longer a compromise when you have video, one-click desktop sharing, easy meeting requests, and even the ability to start a conference on a mobile phone and continue on a PC. Lync 2010 brings a single-client experience to users, making ad hoc collaboration and online meetings more convenient for participants and meeting organizers.

Control your conferences.

Participants can be placed in a “lobby” and then allowed in by the conference organizer, helping to prevent embarrassing errors or security issues from unauthorized forwarding of meeting invites. Conference organizers can also eject or mute participants after the conference has begun in order to control unwanted background noise.

Easily schedule and join conferences.

Set up online meetings right from Microsoft Outlook with an easy-to-use scheduling plug-in. Participants can join with one click from the PC as well as mobile and desktop phones.

Extend complete experience to outside users.

With the new thin client, users on any operating system can participate in online meetings, and anonymous users can attend and participate without downloading a rich client.

Reduce costs.

By hosting Lync with PlexHosted you save as much as 60% in capital and IT running costs. Integrate ad hoc collaboration and online meetings with one unified communications platform rather than relying on expensive third-party conferencing solutions.

Audio Video and Web Conferencing in Lync 2010

Audio Conferencing.

The conference call has become an everyday productivity tool for most businesses. Lync gives users the reliable experience of traditional conferencing systems with the power and flexibility of Unified Communications. Users can schedule, join, and manage conferences all from a familiar and consistent interface across PC, Web, and mobile device. Audio conferencing is included as part of the Lync 2010 enterprise ad hoc collaboration and online meeting solution, helping to reduce or eliminate the cost of third-party conferencing systems.

Video Conferencing.

With mobile and geographically dispersed workers increasingly common, video conferencing is a crucial tool for facilitating rich communication anywhere, anytime. Video conferencing in Lync 2010 creates more personal experience that helps people get to know each other better and communicate more effectively. By integrating video conferencing into the unified Lync 2010 client, Microsoft Lync Server 2010 makes it easy for workers to see as well as talk to their colleagues. And with interoperability with third-party systems, organizations can utilize existing investments in conferencing infrastructure and can extend the solution with the peripherals that best suit business needs.

Web Conferencing.

Most businesses have not yet fully utilized the power of Web conferencing. Lync makes ad hoc collaboration and online meetings easy for information workers to use for increased productivity. It is highly integrated with the overall enterprise messaging infrastructure of Lync Server 2010 and, combined with audio and video conferencing, delivers highly immersive interactions that are simple to manage.

Desktop and application sharing

This feature allows presenters to broadcast any visuals, applications, Web pages, documents, software, or part of their desktops to remote participants in real time, right from Lync 2010. Application sharing allows audience members to follow along with mouse movements and keyboard input. Presenters can choose to share the entire screen or only a portion to keep the audience focused on key information. By sharing their desktops, presenters are able to engage with their audiences in interactive product or software demos from any location.

Audio Video and Web Conferencing in Lync 2010

Application sharing allows presenters to share control of software on their desktops without losing sight of participant feedback or text questions. Presenters can delegate control to meeting participants. Presenters can customize the color depth and screen resolution to better engage with participants who have varying desktop capabilities.

Application and document sharing

By integrating traditional application and document sharing into the streamlined Lync 2010 client, Lync Server 2010 delivers a highly accessible and reliable tool that virtually everyone can use. Combined with audio or video conferencing, the result is a highly immersive and collaborative session that is simple to facilitate.

White Boarding

A whiteboard is a blank page that allows presenters to draw, add text, and highlight information by using the annotation tools. For example, organizers can quickly create a flow chart to illustrate a point, insert a whiteboard, and then use the annotation tools to draw squares, lines, and other figures. The slide can be saved for future reference. In addition, new enhancements add the ability to cut and paste, use right-click menus, line attributes (such as thickness and endings), object attributes (such as colors, fill, and size), improved text tools, and flow chart tools. Users can start a whiteboard session directly in Lync 2010 to share ideas or diagrams. Changes to the whiteboard and the contributor’s identity automatically display.


Mobility is a way of life for today’s business professionals. Microsoft Lync 2010 makes communicating easier and more engaging by delivering a single unified communications experience across PC laptops and browsers.

Connect from anywhere.

Stay connected and productive outside of the office, nearly anywhere with an Internet connection.

Lync mobile clients enable you to stay connected, communicate and conference on the go.

Mobile clients for Microsoft Lync 2010 deliver powerful unified communications features including rich presence, instant messaging, audio conferencing, and calling features in a single, easy-to-use interface.