Windows Mobile Overview

Whether for work or personal use, Windows Phone is designed to help you be productive right out of the box. IT people will value the flexibility of integrating with Exchange, SharePoint. In addition, you can take advantage of the wealth of business apps in Marketplace.

The intuitive Outlook experience makes it easy to get to a new level of organization with email, contacts, calendar and tasks.

Only Windows Phone has a People Hub with one-touch access to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so you'll always be in the loop. Skim the latest posts and pictures from your friends. Dial, text, or IM your contacts, one at a time or in groups. Or use the Me card to post your status, see who's writing on your Wall, or change your profile pictures, right from your phone.

Windows Mobile Synchronization

Syncing your smartphone to your PC has never been easier. With PlexHosted's Hosted Exchange ActiveSync, you have access to your inbox in real-time from any Windows Mobile device, including the latest Motorola Q, Treo, and Blackjack.

Stay in sync

  • Instant emails
  • Instant calendar
  • Instant contacts

The ActiveSync instant push technology keeps your smartphone constantly synced and wirelessly updated with your latest inbox data. No more need for a USB cable to update your phone or computer!

How to set up an Exchange 2010 account on a Windows mobile device