iPhone Overview

Discover the amazing features that make iPhone the best phone yet for business. Get things done more efficiently with Siri, the intelligent assistant. Manage tasks and get location-based alerts with Notification Center and Reminders. Work more efficiently on the go with enhanced Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Safari. Even wirelessly activate and update your iPhone without a computer.

iPhone connects to Microsoft Exchange, so you can stay up to date with your business email, calendar, and contacts. iPhone allows users to set up multiple Exchange ActiveSync accounts, and works with Exchange Server 2010, giving you more ways to securely access enterprise resources. Deployment options include support for Mobile Device Management, which enables businesses to wirelessly configure settings, monitor compliance with policies, and wipe or lock managed iPhone devices. And with wireless app distribution, businesses can securely host and distribute in-house apps directly to iPhone over Wi-Fi and 3G.

Keep your email and attachments securely stored on iPhone. Custom and commercial third-party apps can use data-protection APIs to safeguard data, so business-critical information remains secure even if a device is compromised. And support for SSL VPN from Juniper and Cisco via apps from the App Store provides another secure method to access your enterprise resources.

There are thousands of third-party iPhone apps designed to make your business more productive. You can manage your sales pipeline, tap into your accounting system, or even attend a web conference via iPhone. Organize your Home screen with folders and launch your favorite apps with just a couple of taps. With so many tools to choose from, iPhone makes it easy to get work done anywhere.

The iOS SDK is a robust app development environment that gives you everything you need to create customized, secure, and stable apps for your enterprise. You can also securely host and wirelessly distribute or update in‑house apps to employees, keeping them current anywhere, anytime. Start creating apps for your employees by registering for the Developer Enterprise Program.

iPhone Synchronization

iPhone now means business. It integrates wirelessly with PlexHosted's Hosted Exchange 2010 ActiveSync to bring you secure push email, calendar, and contacts.

Take your iPhone to work

  • Live emails
  • Live calendar
  • Live contacts

Thanks to encryption and certificate-based authentication, your business data is safe in transit. And if your iPhone is lost or stolen, Exchange allows you to issue a remote wipe command to clear all critical data from the device.

How to synchronize my iPhone with PlexHosted's Hosted Exchange