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McAfee SaaS Email Protection with PlexHosted®

In addition to Microsoft’s Exchange 2010 anti-spam and anti-virus protection PlexHosted is pleased to offer McAfee® SaaS Email Protection service for the customers who need more. This cloud-based service allows you to automatically block spam, phishing scams, viruses, and inappropriate email content in the cloud, before it reaches your network. There is no need to buy additional hardware, install additional software or perform maintenance to decrease the spam flow sent to you every day and protect your system from viruses. McAfee SaaS Email Protection is an affordable, effective email security solution that is easy to administer and use, and is automatically updated by McAfee to protect against the latest threats.


  • Protection from spam, worms, viruses and other threats - Stacked Classification Framework system is used to block 99% of your spam. WormTraq® worm detection technology successfully identifies and blocks worms and viruses. What is more, suspicious messages can be placed into to quarantine for future handling.
  • Protection from frauds - anti-spam rules and persistent monitoring protects your environment from frauds, phishing scams and phishing attacks.
  • Protection from the email attacks - innovative record masking technique protects your email from SMTP-based attacks.
  • Reputation-based security - TrustedSource™ global reputation intelligence reduces threads and allows an accurate classification of spam, ham and quarantine email.
  • Content and attachment filtering - enforce rules in order to block annoying messages with inappropriate content or attachments. HTML shield will block pam beacons and web bugs.
  • Graymail filtering - enables you to handle numerous unsolicited bulk email messages like newsletters, notifications, daily deals and updates that you ”opted into” receiving.
  • ClickProtect - specify if you want to get clickable links in the email body or restrict user access to the URL if the link is clicked.
  • Allow/Deny lists - define lists of trusted or not trusted senders on the users’ level or in the policy.
  • Message Quarantine - manage quarantined email messages that violate any of your inbound policies.
  • Spam Quarantine Reports - receive reports of quarantined spam.
  • Performance Reports - view individual reports with statistical information about the emails being handled by the McAfee Email Protection service.


Cost effective and easy managed solution

McAfee SaaS Email Protection is always on and up to date. It requires no additional investment in hardware or software and additional time and resources to configure and maintain. It will help you to reduce the load on email servers greatly, save bandwidth and server storage, since all spam and email-based threats are stopped by the service before getting into your network. It provides an easily managed service with minimum IT staff intervention and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Advanced technology to block spam

Email Protection solution by McAfee uses advanced multilayered technology to protect your business environment on the highest level. It uses a Stacked Classification Framework® spam detection system that identifies and controls spam using voting algorithm based on a sophisticated form of intelligent reasoning resulting in more than 99 percent of inappropriate mail being caught. This system provides a highly accurate threat protection with incredibly low false positive rates (cases when valid emails misidentified as spam).

Easy web-based management available 24/7

With McAfee SaaS Email Protection you have the ability to manage your existing detection policies, configure new ones and access reports, as well as log and quarantine from a single web-based management portal. This intuitive portal is available 24/7 and enables management across all domains and locations.

Flexible email protection policies

Administrators can easily create and enforce custom email content policies, enforce rules and apply these policies to a groups of users, individuals or globally.

No additional system requirements

McAfee SaaS Email Protection requires no additional hardware, software or IT staff to configure the service. All that you need is your own mail domain, hostname or IP address of either our mail server if you have a hosted account with PlexHosted or your own dedicated mail server. To activate your email protection service and have all your email traffic transparently protected from spam, viruses and other threats you will need simply to redirect your MX records through McAfee servers.

Around-the-clock technical support

Our support engineers and expert consultants are always available to help you resolve any problems you may face. We are available 24/7/365 by phone, email or chat.