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Complement your solution

PlexHosted offers a vast range of additional options that complement and enhance your Hosted Exchange experience. Upon request, we can customize your solution to address your specific requirements and distinct needs.

Company Email Disclaimer

Company email disclaimers are legal statements usually appended to emails. As emails are becoming a commodity, organizations need to protect themselves from the legal implications of email communications. With email disclaimers, you can specify the scope of rights or obligations of both the sender and recipient of each individual email. For a fixed monthly fee, you can set up an email disclaimer for your entire organization.

Additional Public Folder Space

Public Folder is a central, shared folder in Outlook allowing employees in an organization to easily share information. All PlexHosted Exchange accounts include 100 Mb of Public Folder space. You can purchase additional disk space for a monthly fee per user.

If you require over 2 Gb of Public Folder space for your organization, we suggest you look into implementing a SharePoint site.

Exchange Redirection

A redirect (or forward) allows for a copy of all incoming emails from an Exchange mailbox to be sent to an external mailbox (i.e. hotmail, gmail, etc.). You can also redirect your PlexHosted POP3 Accounts

POP3 mailboxes can be an economical alternative to Exchange for light users in an organization. We, however, recommend you look into signing up for Hosted Exchange if you wish to benefit from sharing capabilities, ActiveSync, and many of the other rich email features.

Exchange Custom Transport Rules

PlexHosted's hosted Exchange allows for the implementation of your company's corporate and compliance policies to emails flowing through the server. Our team can tailor rules for message routing and content restriction that meet your organization's distinct requirements.