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PlexHosted is a Reliable and Cost Effective SharePoint Hosting Partner

By partnering with PlexHosted, you will optimize yours and your customers’ SharePoint collaboration experience. In addition you will save yourself time and money that can be invested in the mainstream activities of your company.

PlexHosted SharePoint Hosting

We offer a number of pre-packaged plans for SharePoint Foundation 2010 in a shared environment as well as custom plans for SharePoint Enterprise 2010 shared and dedicated sites. And we make the transition to PlexHosted easy for you by managing the setup and assisting with the migration.

  • Our support engineers are available 24/7. Not only are they Microsoft SharePoint trained, they have practical experience supporting customers just like you.
  • When you have questions, they will draw from their experience to answer or find an answer.
  • Please do not settle for under engineered SharePoint solutions. Our engineers have stress tested SharePoint response times and throughput under heavy load factors and user collisions.
  • All data centers are located in the US. Your data is written to multiple disks instantly and stored in multiple locations. PlexHosted offers a full array of disaster recovery and redundancy configurations.
  • For all dedicated plans, PlexHosted offers complete administrative control and white labeling. For those developers and consultants who require hosting anonymity for their customers, PlexHosted has a solution for you.
  • Our SharePoint solutions, whether shared or dedicated, are all competitively priced. Most important, there are no hidden fees and no hidden limits.
  • Speedy and reliable service
  • Flexible plans – no hidden fees
  • Meets your business needs
  • All SharePoint versions available
  • Administrative control for dedicated plans
  • SSL security available
  • Flexible cloud infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Real time backups

Let Us Help Your Organization

Company Managers and IT Professionals can choose to host SharePoint with PlexHosted and reduce capital costs by as much as 60%, thereby increasing cash flow. Focus on higher priorities while providing a more secure and reliable environment for your users. PlexHosted has a Shared or Dedicated plan that will fit your needs.

Developers and Consultants can choose to host SharePoint with PlexHosted and provision your customers’ SharePoint technology infrastructure at a competitive cost. If you are not currently hosting your customers’ SharePoint sites, PlexHosted provides you a simple way to increase revenues and profits. If you already host your customers’ SharePoint sites with one of our competitors, consider changing to an environment that has faster response times and superior throughput with higher revenues and profits for you. PlexHosted has a Shared or Dedicated plan that will fit your needs.

End Users and Professional Services SMBs: Have you ever emailed yourself documents to use outside of the office? If so, a small SharePoint site will allow you to keep all your important documents safe and secure in one place, and accessible by any browser anywhere. PlexHosted makes it easy to set up by using existing site design templates and your learning curve is minimal since SharePoint uses the familiar Microsoft Office command structure. Visit PlexHosted’s Professional Services Center to find a plan that works for you.

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