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  • Have you ever e-mailed yourself documents for use when you are in court, or at an off-site meeting, or on vacation?
  • How many times do you forget to email all the documents you need?
  • Does e-mailing confidential documents meet the confidentiality expectations of your clients?

PlexHosted can solve your problems with a Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010 e-mail account which includes a 100 Mb work space for Microsoft Hosted SharePoint 2010. All your e-mails and client documents can be kept in one place, safe and secure, and easily accessible from any browser.

With PlexHosted’s Microsoft Exchange 2010, you can:

  • Create, view, edit, save, and distribute your documents from one central place.
  • Build collaborative environments for legal secretaries, attorneys and clients as necessary.
  • Eliminate worries about document management.
  • Minimize learning time by using the familiar Microsoft Office interface.
  • Keep your documents secure.
  • Access them from any browser, anywhere.
  • Rid yourself of spam with sophisticated spam filters and anti-virus protection.

This plan is offered at $7.95 a month as FLEX - PLEX. Please call us at 888-939-PLEX or click here to order on-line. And we are available 24/7 to help set up your account and answer any questions.

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