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Dedicated SharePoint 2010 from PlexHosted provides a higher level of collaboration capabilities to organizations. Generally, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 enables you to manage content and business processes, find and share information and expertise, and simplify how people work together across organizational boundaries. In a dedicated environment, organizations with more complex needs have the flexibility to deploy third-party web parts, implement server-side customizations that streamline work processes, and access all levels of site data, all with complete administrative control of your SharePoint site(s). In addition, all PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint 2010 sites are hosted in a cloud environment, giving your organization the flexibility to change its site configuration(s) within minutes to meet ever changing business requirements.

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 is available in three editions to meet your organization’s unique needs; Foundation, Standard and Enterprise. PlexHosted can supply the associated Microsoft licenses, or you can supply your own.

For dedicated SharePoint deployments, PlexHosted provides free User Managed Password Administration to free-up SharePoint administrators from the time consuming task of password administration ... read more.

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