Our Process

We are with you every step through deployment and production. Our experts provide our customers with so much more than hosting. From the moment you call, chat, tweet or email us, you are interacting with qualified professionals who are dedicated to ensuring you have a great SharePoint experience.

Stay focused on your business and we'll handle the “IT stuff”. Save as much as 60% in capital costs and be confident in the security and integrity of your business-critical information.

We provide support all the way down to the SharePoint application level, as well as 24/7/365 infrastructure support. When you have SharePoint questions, we have the answers.

Customer Assessment:

  • Discover your business requirements, special pain points, and constraints.
  • Meet with SharePoint experts.
  • Document technical requirements.
  • Discuss deployment life-cycle and best practices.
  • Plan capacity and growth requirements.
  • Document availability and continuity requirements.
  • Present detailed proposal and diagram of the proposed solution.

Ongoing Service and Support:

  • System Admin: 100% PlexHosted's responsibility
  • Central Admin: PlexHosted will provide many services as a free consultation.
  • Site Admin: PlexHosted provides consulting on a fee basis for any "how to" questions.

Solution Design:

  • Service level planning
  • Security services planning
  • Infrastructure services planning
  • Recommend best practices for security settings, server and central site admin.

System Deployment:

  • System build & configuration
  • Document SOPs
  • Migration services
  • Application testing: availability, continuity, performance and security