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harmon.ie, a leading provider of enterprise user experience products for SharePoint, hosts its own internal SharePoint site with PlexHosted. “By allowing PlexHosted to manage the nuts and bolts of the SharePoint site, we can focus our resources on developing world class products that enable information workers to complete many workplace tasks directly from the friendly confines of their email client. Hosting our SharePoint site with PlexHosted saves us time, money and running costs over hosting the site ourselves.”

Kobi Carlebach, Chief Financial Officer

Trout Unlimited

“In its efforts to protect and restore cold water fisheries, Trout Unlimited receives hundreds of documents that help define and further its objectives. These documents reside in a Microsoft SharePoint document management system hosted and managed by PlexHosted. Their extensive engineering support has made it possible to seamlessly maintain communications with the complex Trout Unlimited data network, install applications where needed, and assure the highest SharePoint availability for our users.”

Daniel Read, Data Manager


“NBGHome has worked with PlexHosted over the past 3 years to deliver SharePoint services to a group of our employees. More recently NB Groups has procured additional Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus services for additional employees. Throughout the relationship PlexHosted’s engineering support team have provided awesome 24/7 support to assure us of the continuous availability of these services.”

Mike Latimer, IT Director

TTC Innovations, Inc.

“TTC Innovations’ employees are distributed throughout the US. An integrated communications solution of Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise E3 and Sharepoint document management promotes effective collaboration among all our employees, contractors and customers. And PlexHosted’s 24/7 awesome support keeps it all running for us.”

Debbie Wooldridge, President

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corporation

“PlexHosted’s knowledge of Microsoft’s complex SharePoint Business Intelligence infra-structure and application has made it possible for our senior managers to adopt a business information tool that truly benefits our company. Their continuous support has always assured its availability.”

Michael Miskell, Director Process Management