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PlexHosted Reseller Program

White Label SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2010 hosting

PlexHosted offers Microsoft SharePoint Hosting, Exchange Hosting and other support services, provided by PlexHosted and third party suppliers, for sale to your End Users.


You own your customers, sell under your brand, and provide support:

  • Approximately 10% discount off our base price for SharePoint plans
  • 5 sites minimum for SharePoint
  • Volume discounts available for Exchange plans
  • Pay as you go for each customer sold
  • Control Panel has your brand and your custom URL
  • 24/7 tier-two support to you

Reseller Program:

  • You own your customers, we provide the service and support
  • You control your prices and margin
  • You bill your customers
  • You support and consult your customers


Bring us customers, get a commission, we will do the rest:

  • 20% commission on first month of every SharePoint sale
  • Additional commission plans available for Web and Exchange Hosting products
  • 3 month minimum subscription term
  • We bill and support the customers