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Founded in 2010, PlexHosted® is a privately owned, American company headquartered in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Our founders are successful entrepreneurs with over 60 years combined experience with small to medium size businesses in international trade and technology infrastructure. They have transacted significant business in over 50 countries, and continue those business and personal relationships today. PlexHosted’s clientele represent the small to medium size business community and their respective entrepreneurs who are the back-bone of the world’s local economies.

The founders’ vision for the company is to facilitate the increasingly complex collaborations, person-to-person, and market communications necessary to make businesses and “on-the-go” individuals successful. To make the vision a reality, PlexHosted delivers on-demand, Internet-based hosting services known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We offer the most competitive business-class email, collaboration, enterprise instant messaging, customer relationship management, and web site hosting solutions to businesses and their employees the world over. The PlexHosted solution, we believe, is a cost-effective, secure, well managed, and highly available alternative to locally managed platforms that are often costly, inefficient, and not secure. Thanks to this unique business model, our customers can take advantage of predictable costs and service excellence with no upfront commitments or one-time delivery costs.

Thank you for considering PlexHosted hosting services. We invite you to choose our services and come grow with us.