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Business email reliability and performance.

If your small business needs a professional business email capability , but does not want the hassles of running the system, Hosted Exchange 2010 from PlexHosted allows you to access information from anywhere so you can get more done and stay connected to customers and colleagues. And every Hosted Exchange 2010 account offered by PlexHosted includes a 100Mb Hosted SharePoint 2010 account.

Hosted Exchange 2010 business email solutions

PlexHosted offers business email based on Microsoft`s Hosted Exchange 2010 technology to help small and medium businesses communicate more efficiently and compete more effectively.

Along with rich client functionality provided by Microsoft Outlook and a secure hosting infrastructure provided by PlexHosted, business email is designed for companies that want:

Allow experts to manage systems and security while you focus on your core business

Critical tool

Business email is a critical tool for your company. Research indicates up to 70% of business data resides in email.  The temporary or permanent loss of this business email , not to mention corporate contacts, files and calendar information, can translate into lost revenue, lost customers and the inability to conduct day-to-day business.

Why PlexHosted?

PlexHosted business email includes a daily backup of your email, calendar items, business contacts and shared files and folders.  Basic or ‘free’ services often only backup every week, and once you have downloaded an email to your laptop it is ‘lost’ from the server and cannot be recovered regardless of backups.  Do not take the risk.

Find a better way to share critical information with co-workers

Controlling versions and protecting

Too often, critical business documents are swapped around by business email .  Controlling versions and protecting the ‘master’ copy can be a nightmare.  Employees never know which version to work from, and if they do not have their laptop or PC in front of them, they cannot access the latest document.

Why PlexHosted?

PlexHosted business email includes shared folders that can be accessed from any Internet connection, providing a complete document management capability such that employees are always working off the same page. See Hosted Exchange 2010 features .

Access critical files, contacts, emails and events from mobile devices or any Internet connection


Employees are increasingly mobile, working from the office, at home, at client sites and on the road.  Carrying a laptop around town just to access critical business files is a challenge, and not having access to this information can be disastrous when you have an urgent business need.

Why PlexHosted?

Hosted Exchange 2010 business email includes support for access from Smart Phones, Pocket PC’s or any Internet-connected PC; including access to email, calendars, contacts, and shared folders with critical business files.  Never miss a business opportunity!

Benefits of business email solutions with Hosted Exchange 2010

PlexHosted Hosted Exchange 2010 business email plans start at $7.95 a month and include a 100 Mb Hosted SharePoint 2010 account.

Please call us at 888-939-PLEX or click here to order on-line. And we are available 24/7 to help set up your account and answer any questions.