PlexHosted - Silver MS Partner

“PlexHosted’s knowledge of Microsoft’s complex SharePoint Business Intelligence infra-structure and application has made it possible for our senior managers to adopt a business information tool that truly benefits our company. Their continuous support has always assured its availability.”

Michael Miskell, Director Process Management - Kaman Industrial Technologies Corporation

PlexHosted®, a managed SharePoint hosting company, delivers services that help businesses get the most out of existing Microsoft technologies. By hosting, managing infrastructure design, deployment, operations, monitoring, and providing on-going support, PlexHosted eliminates the challenge and expense required to run complex IT infrastructure and/or applications by yourself.

When you purchase PlexHosted services, our engineering support team will act as your own IT team dealing with software administration, server security, operations, monitoring and on-going support 24/7/365, no matter whether your deployment is located at PlexHosted’s cloud, On-premises, or within a Hybrid cloud.

At PlexHosted your support is key to our business success. A highly reliable and knowledgeable managed services partner is critical to keeping open your lines of communications. Our support engineers are available 24/7 – when you have questions, we will more than likely have answers. And with PlexHosted there are no upfront investment or on-going maintenance and upgrade fees required. Nor do we lock you into any long term Service Contracts. A site hosted by PlexHosted will save you time, money, and as much as 60% in capital and running costs over hosting that site yourself.

Remember, at PlexHosted, We’re always here for you!